Events, Music, Fashion, Travel & More!!!

The Beginning…….

Hello world my name is Nia and I currently reside in the Washington DC area.  I am an entertainment multi media journalist, and will be Alumni of Howard University May 2011.  I am an extensive traveler and I involve myself with many different activities, and forms of art.  My blog will feature music reviews along with new music never before heard from a multitude of artist.  It will also feature events through out the United States, from concerts to award shows and other social functions; From New York City to Miami to California and Washington DC, I will bring you VIP access to so many entertainment events and more.  Another exciting topic that will be featured is fashion tips along with profiles of stores and designers.  And to keep things exciting I will also have audio and video interviews with various artist from music, fashion, and more.  Last but not least there will be plenty of traveling reviews and profiles of the different cities, states and countries I visit.  I’m inviting you and anyone else interested along with me on this journey that I call Brown Sugar’s World!! The purpose of this blog is to expose my readers to the chaos that I call my life, such as industry insider events and other amazing things!!!!  Many of my friends and family say my life is like a movie and I should have my own show because there is never a boring moment, so I figured hey this is just the beginning.  So without further ado drum roll… “Welcome to my world.”

(This blog is a spin off of my previous blog YFB Young Fly & On A Budget, so keep in mind everything you read and see here is affordable for any young person who may be in school or on a budget!) source


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