Some of the greats in music reemerge with some potentially hot music.  From R&B, to Rap, to pop, and Soul all genres are gonna represent this year.  My first post of the new year will be devoted to what new exciting things will be happening during the year 2011!

To began it looks like “old school” music will be making a come back in the future.  Raphael Saadiq is taking it back to the “doo-wop” 1950’s, he showed off the style a little on his last album.  Saadiq’s new LP ‘Stone Rollin’ is supposed to drop this spring!!!

In the rap world (my fav rapper) Nas is set to release his 10th album Summer 2011!  What do you think about this latest track released “Who Are You” (not sure if it will be on the album)…..

Singer Songwriter Marsha Ambrosius will be releasing her debut solo album ‘Late Nights, Early Mornings’ is set to be released in February 2011 just in time for Valentines Day!  Check out her touching, controversial video for her second single “Far Away”, what are your thoughts……

And I’m sure you have heard the “pop princess” herself Britney Spears is coming out with an album along with some other pop stars such as Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga!!!!  Once a track it leaked I will be sure to post for your enjoyment.


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