Behind the brownsugar coating….

So in between the flashing lights, music, fashion, shopping, and this thing called life I have key people who are always there to help keep me grounded and assist with the production that is BrownSugar!  I wanted to introduce my team…..

My husband/photographer/bestfriend

My hubby Cedrick is an amazing photographer, and I will be using his work in some of my future post.  There will be a mixture of my photographs and his to show the different styles.  Below are two examples of his work….

Creativity and photoshop
Seeing the beauty in rain







As time goes on I will have a few new web design features on my blog to make it a little more creative.  My assistant web designer is my very talented little sister Tori.

Lil' Sis Assistant web designer

One of my partners in crime Valita Walston aka V, this young woman is one of the best PR people out.  She is the networking queen. I attend many events with her and will soon be graduating from HU together this Spring!  We have a few travel plans for the future but for now check out her blog it is amazing!

Valita aka V

Those are some of the key people that keep me grounded and help me to produce Brownsugar’s world.  Though my blog post have been few and far between, I will get better with posting more often especially since I will be finished with my studies soon.  Also I will be adding video postings or Vlog’s so stay tuned.  Stay sweet!


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