The Hidden Shopping Treasure in Adams Morgan

SMASH! (Adams Morgan DC)

While exploring the great Washington DC area, I stumbled upon a somewhat hidden-away treasure in the Adams Morgan area, which is best known for its nightlife and bars. SMASH! a unique store known for its punk hardcore indie rock LP’s and vintage clothes. But don’t let the shop’s eccentric style throw you off. It has amazing assortment of music from soul, to reggae, to pop, and many more. If you enjoy collecting old fashion records you would LOVE this place, located at 2314 18th ST NW on the 1st Floor, everything is very reasonably priced. For example I found a record in the reggae section, I found a record of Bob Marley and the Wailers greatest hits for $8.99. What a steal!

Vinyl records

Music lovers are not the only type of people that this store attracts. The variety of vintage clothes and shoes would have any true fashion lover in a frenzy. The clothes include all styles from coats, skirts, unique t-shirts, and pants. The shoes include high fashion boots to sassy sling back heels. The stylish accessories range from buttons to sunglasses to purses and much more. As many styles are recycled and emerge again over time, this store seems to have clothes, accessories and shoes that range from all decades of fashion.

Vintage Clothes

The co-owner of SMASH! was enthusiastic when speaking about her stores history. Daisy Lacy, the co-owner started as an employee of the original store, which was located in Georgetown originally. When the original store owner decided to close, Daisy and her co-owner wanted to keep the first punk rock store in the city alive and, just relocated it to the Adams Morgan three years ago. This hidden treasure is on 18th street Northwest Washington DC. Don’t leave the city without first stopping by this great shop and picking up a record, some cute shoes, a one of a kind t-shirt, and of course some sunglasses.


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