Thoughts for the day…..

I count myself pretty lucky in today’s time of the second worst recession in the history of the United States.  Many are without jobs, a place to live, health insurance, or hope for the future.  I think the protest and entire movement of “Occupy Wall Street” and the 99% of America is truly inspiring.  I always secretly wanted to be alive during the protests in the late 1960’s early 70’s, when people took a stand for what they believed in; and of course to be apart of history (and the cool fashion trends).  I love that demonstrations have been held in cities all around the world, supporting the cause not only in America but also around the world.  We are living through pretty historic times, take time to educate your self on the hard issues, and still find time to live in the moment and experience life.  With that being said live, love, laugh!

Fall Trends/ Hot List:


I’m currently obsessed with braids and effortless hippie chic styles.  Everyone is trying to be so different with girls going bald, or shaving off one side of their hair, to having colors that clearly do not go with their skin tone.  I applaud these girls for being daring and so called “being different” but your not being different if everyone else is doing it including your friends.

So me I choose to go back to basics, back to a simpler time, I want to channel my inner late 60’s early 70’s hippie feminist but with a futuristic spin.  From braids of all kinds from the fish tail to the side braid, to a natural curly fro, or a nice medium blunt bob, and light soft flowing effortless slightly messy curls.

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(When it comes to the bob I would most likely purchase a wig because I don’t plan on cutting my hair anytime soon.  Could it be my first wig purchase in the near future!)

Music Must Have! –

Of course I have to let you know about my choices for most anticipated album releases coming up.  I will always be a Drake fan, his passion and sincerity in his music is so easily relatable and I love it.  He keeps it real whether or not that means wearing his heart on his sleeve or admitting to his insecurities while working in the entertainment industry.  How can you not get sucked in to the catchy chorus, and vivid story telling (as I currently watch him perform on SNL while I type up this blog post).  I don’t know how I feel about him referencing Howard University my alma mater in his second single ‘Make Me Proud’ feat. Nicki Minaj.  But anyways needless to say I cannot wait until his sophomore album ‘Take Care’ is released November 15, 2011!!!!


Next up the red hair rebel no longer, Miss Rhianna is back with what I expect will be a pretty good album, especially with the way her first single “We found love” sounds.  I personally love it, very upbeat, fun and a club banger for sure.  Rhianna’s album ‘Talk That Talk’ will be released November 21, 2011.


Some other November releases are Common ‘The Dream. The Believer’ November 22, and Monica ‘New Life’.  Also I am a country music fan and big Miranda Lambert fan her album ‘Four The Record’ will be released November 1.



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