I’m Just Saying….

Is Social Media Forcing People to Second Guess Their Journey?

Social media makes you think twice about life decisions….. or so I’ve heard.  To be totally honest I will admit I’ve had those moments while scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube where I literally go on an emotional roller coaster! Which shocks me because I would definitely consider myself to be a well-adjusted, self-assured, modern woman.  After about 10 minutes of wondering why my career isn’t further along, to thinking I want to have a baby (but realizing I’m not ready), then wishing I was 19 again without a care in the world, and lastly seriously contemplating moving to Paris and taking my chance as a starving artist; I calm down and once again remind myself of how grateful I am to be on my one of a kind journey and all the great opportunities I’ve had and all that I look forward to accomplishing and experiencing.

So I’m just saying, don’t let social media tell you how to live your life.  Well all go through valleys and peaks in life, just keep doing what is true to you and eventually things will come together.


Journey to Success Drawing
Journey to Success Drawing


(Disclaimer: I’m just saying is a section for my random  thoughts and advice on different topics, such as relationships, hot trends, and everyday random life discussions.  You are more than welcome to comment, I would love to have an ongoing commentary/discussion and if you have any topics you would like advice on or to discuss please feel free to comment them or email them to me and I will gladly answer 🙂 )


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