Monday Music Madness

The theme song of this week is Rita Ora- “I Will Never Let You Down”  I couldn’t really get into the whole Rita Ora invasion, even though her PR team was doing everything possible to shove her and her music down America’s throats.  But with this song I finally feel like I can get into who Rita Ora actually is, before it just seemed like she was trying too hard.  Now I can hear her voice and see her personality .  It  also doesn’t hurt that this video is right on trend with the 90’s revival.  The video is giving Sinead O’Connor/Gwen Stefani (No Doubt days circa 1995)/J.Lo (In Living Color Fly Girl days) and the movie Clueless.  I LOVE IT!!!! Check it out below….


The Artist of the week is Taylor Swift, you’re probably wondering why I am choosing such a well known artist for the spotlight?  Well with the country artist recently announcing that she will be doing an all Pop album, I see her as a new artist in the Pop genre even though she has been writing hits in the genre for years now.  Personally I don’t think she had to make the announcement, I think most of her fans could already sense the transition.  Her last album ‘Red’ was categorized as Country & Rock, though the album’s lead song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” peaked at number #1 on the Billboard Pop chart but I guess she just wanted to make things clear for anyone wondering.  Check out her very Pop song “Shake It Off”.  This song has replaced Pharrell’s “Happy” in my morning dance routine.




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