Where & Why #MillennialsOnTheMove

So you want to travel? Are you looking to relocate or just experience the world with a quick vacation? Either way the first thing to do is research.

If you’re looking to relocate, the main thing to narrow down for research is an environment type; what is the living cost? Does it match your budget? Are you looking for a city or a country feel? What are the transportation options, do you need a car or is public transportation sufficient? What are potential career options in the area? And finally what is your ultimate goal or gains from relocating?

If you’re looking to take a vacation, research should focus around budget, time frame, desired environment, and potential activities.

Just by taking the first step towards your goal of travel you can make all your dreams come true. Step 1- is envisioning your goal, by researching you can better envision and therefore actualize your goals/dreams. The next #MillennialsOnTheMove post will be about financing your relocation or vacation. #2015LivingMyDreams


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