Start With You……. Being A Force In Changing The World

How Can One Person Be A Force In Changing The World?! First and simplest step is to start with you.

With Earth Day recently and the news constantly reporting on societal issues going on, I have been feeling some type of way.  I’m an avid news watcher, reader and all around enthusiast of being well-informed; with Earth Day recently being celebrated and the news constantly reporting on societal issues going on, I have been feeling some type of way :-(.   Being well-informed can have you feeling depressed and angry.  A lot of  today’s issues(Racial & Gender Equality, Climate Change, Police Brutality and so much more) seem to have a simple solutions; then you wonder why is it so hard for our community and world leaders to have these same simple answers to implement to make the world a better place?  But once you sit and think how everyone’s opinions need to be taken into accountant and addressed before implementing changes, then you’re left feeling angry and frustrated again!  Now you’re back to asking yourself how can little ol’ me be heard?! How can I change things?   

Start with you!  Lately I have been really attempting to become more involved with justice and equality protest, but I literally haven’t had the time! Since relocating, getting situated and trying to take advantage of as many career opportunities while I can and working to provide financially for the future, I just don’t have the time.  Instead of being one those people who whines and doesn’t do anything but talk about what they don’t like about the world, I thought I’m going to start with ‘the woman in the mirror’.  I can do this by being an example of what I want to see.

Examples of starting with the woman in the mirror:  I want a cleaner planet – I will recycle, use less harmful products (plastic bags, harmful cleaning products, and beauty products etc.)

I want people to be better educated about African heritage and history – If someone says something ignorant, I try to inform them with facts so that they can educate the others like themselves who are misinformed/ ignorant.  I post a lot of educational articles and facts on my social media channels.

People who are ignorant to racial, gender and police brutality issues – I try to listen to the different points of view and empathize with everyone’s situation.   There are some people who no matter how many ways you try to inform them of the issues going on outside of their safe bubble they will continue to reject facts and those people you have to let live in their ignorant/safe bubble of ignorance

I would like to help the homeless – I donate any dollars bills or loose change to homeless people when I can.  Also I am seeking volunteer opportunities through and other venues.

Those are just some ways I start with me in my effort to be a force of change in the world.


Below are some recent OOTD photos, since relocating to Los Angeles.  I am looking forward to doing more photo shoots using the natural landscape and taking full advantage of my surroundings.  Looking forward to making more lifestyle videos, short fashion videos and getting more involved with my YouTube channel.  Stay tuned and leave a comment below of ways that you or someone you know is being a force of positive change in the world 🙂



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