Testing, testing…. is there a BB cream out there for me?!

On the hunt for the perfect BB cream!  With summer literally right around the corner (June 21), I need a go to bb cream or primer so that I don’t have to wear a full “beat face” of makeup daily and still be camera ready.  I have tried two so far that left me disappointed and wondering are bb creams all hype?  But I’m still on the hunt and I wanted to document my skin care journey. Below is my review on the two creams I have tried and two more that I will be trying out next.

Maybelline BB cream-






This was not good on my skin, I have oily skin and this made my skin first look dry and then it got really oily throughout the day and did not match my skin tone.


I also tried Loreal BB cream-


I really liked this cream for the first two days then I started to have skin irritation. I stopped using it for a day to see if it was the cream and the irritation went away, then I used it again the following day and my skin became irritated again. Reasons why I liked the bb cream it gave me a flawless even skin tone appearance and it didn’t make me look oily by the end of the day but I didn’t like how I would have visible breakouts and blemishes when I removed the cream at the end of the day. I may give this product another try and test it more on a long term basis, maybe a month.


BB creams/ primers I want to try and most likely will test in the near future,

Neutrogena healthy skin primer-






Clinique BB cream-







My skin type is medium dark, oily, and acne prone. Overall since moving to a different my skin is clearer, fewer breakouts and my skin appears to have a more even tone. My aim is to have brighter and more even toned skin; along with a regular skin care regimen for day and night time including the healthiest and most natural products. Looking forward to finding some great everyday skin care products.
If you have any suggestions for me leave comments, I would love to hear them. 



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