Disappearing Acts….. My Comeback

Whenever I disappear for a while, I always make major strides.  I am the type of person that I sometimes need to seclude myself when I am working to take my next step in life, mainly because I can’t have naysayers or any outside influences distracting me from what God places in my heart. When I first set out on my journey to ‘Live My Dreams In 2015’ I was at times scared of what my heart was telling me to do and I only felt comfortable telling my husband, close friends (who had similar goals/dreams) and my family once I was confident in my decisions because I am sure my family would have tried to talk me out of my next moves due to their own fears.  Order my steps in your word dear Lord; I am so thankful that I asked for guidance and I was not afraid to follow. 

So much has happened since my last post in June….. First let me start by saying I am blessed to be employed at my dream company and I am actively pursuing my first passion as a child, Acting 🙂  I was recently cast in a new sitcom, well I was cast as a background actor and the director picked me out of ever other background actor to be one of the principal actors (no words, but I have a close up and I am talking and gesturing with the main actors in a scene).  This experience was so exhilarating I was reminded that this is something that I am naturally GREAT at and I will continue to go to casting calls and auditions in my free time (when I am not working :-)).  I know that I will be able to successfully pursue all my passions in entertainment and media because I am truly following my heart.

Also I was able to finally throw together the edited footage of our cross-country travels (check out the video below & please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more video updates).  In the future I will be producing my own video content for lifestyle, entertainment and fashion enthusiast (short segments of movie/television reviews, fashion reviews and on location at red carpets).  By living my dreams, I hope to be able to inspire others to reach for their dreams no matter how outlandish.


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