Getting to know the new… #MillennialsOnTheMove

Ways to become more familiar with your new city or place of residence #MillennialsOnTheMove  

I had a serious case of being homesick my second month of living in a new city. You would think, oh you live in Los Angeles there’s lots to do to keep yourself busy and not get homesick.  But when you are in a new city with no family or close friends you tend to feel lonely and scared; especially if you don’t have coworkers, classmates or associates to hang out with. So I immediately started to brain storm how can I get out the house without spending money, work towards bettering myself and meet people that live in the area?…

Get involved with networking events via churches, local recreation centers, libraries, or college campuses.

When I relocated I did not have a full time job so I decided to find a local library and began to research my areas job placement and assistance locations, along with checking out flyers and postings in the library. Libraries are a great place to find things to do in your area. While researching on the internet I found a job placement assistance program that had a monthly meeting for people in the entertainment field to network. Initially I had anxiety about attending the event, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I felt insecure because I didn’t want to seem desperate for friends, or a job. But then I reminded myself the people attending this event are most likely in similar situations and are probably just interested in finding out what the networking event had to offer (just like me). Needless to say I attended the event and I was so happy to meet the people who attended the event and to meet liked minded people; I didn’t feel shy and disconnected anymore and I was able to potentially take a step towards my ultimate goal which was to get work in my field or at least meet like minded people. I ended up meeting a guy who told me about a faith based networking group that he was apart of and invited me to attend their next meeting. I attended the networking event that the guy invited me to and since it was a faith based event I felt even more confident and comfortable to speak with people; I walked in ready to talk and open to meeting new people. This was another amazing event, and once again I met some great people. Attendees and panelist discussed their struggles and triumphs and I even met a few people that had moved from the East Coast like me! I met a woman that lives near me and is from the same area as me on the East Coast, we’ve hung out a couple of times and she has become a great friend 🙂 Needless to say I have been attending this monthly entertainment networking event every month since and it literally uplifts my spirit and reminds me to keep going and also gets me out the house.

Sometimes you need to be inspired by others to remind yourself that if this person can do it, so can you!

Keep in mind when moving to a new area the internet is your friend, research places and activities that match your wants/needs. (ie: If you like to be active, find a local sports club or recreation centers you can join. If you like the arts find groups that do more creative things, etc.) Seek and Ye Shall Find


Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. They are right there in front of you. Your adventure awaits you. :):



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