Does Anyone Have The Answers Sway?!…. #LifeGoals

Advice to my younger self, older self and present self, no one has the answers and if they do they’re not telling.

So I’m coming to the point in my life where I thought I would have it all together. You know when you were a teenager and you imagined how your adult life would be. Every year around my birthday I review the year to see if I met the goals I set for myself and if I’m on a path that I would like to continue on or do I want to change paths. In order for me to know if I accomplished my goals I review my vision board. I make a vision board every year on my birthday, I use it to reflect on my long-term and short-term goals for my life. I used to just write down my goals but I noticed when I had a visual picture that is similar to my goal or in some way represents my goal it helps me visualize myself accomplishing/attaining the goal.  And when I meditate I visually see the image I am pursuing and it helps me to continue pushing for what I want.

Last year I realized I wanted to live the life that I dreamed of as a child, that is what led me to moving across the country. I decided before I consciously began to settle down and have kids I wanted to give my life dreams a final push and live fearlessly, living the life of my dreams. This leads me to another practice that I started last year; setting  a mantra for the year. I make up a mantra to go along with my vision board because just like meditation it helps me to keep my focus when things start to seem uncontrollable. When I feel confused, defeated or lost I repeat my mantra to remind myself of my goals and what I am working towards. Me and my husbands mantra for 2014 was ‘Walking Into Our Destiny’ and 2015 was ‘2015 Living My Dreams’. I haven’t decided what 2016’s mantra is going to be but I already have some goals in mind that I am going to give 110% effort to accomplish. I feel so close to “having it all” but I also feel the urge to start my family (baby fever) and I am so scared because I know there are still so many things I would like to accomplish before having kids.

With that being said I started to question is anyone living the life they dreamed of as a child or teenager? Does anyone have the answers for a less stressful and confusing way of accomplishing their goals in life? And my final question, is anyone else freaked out to have a child when you know for a fact you don’t have your “Shit” together (at least not together the way you would want your life to be)?!  Does anyone have the answers?! Anyone?!


blog1Please comment and let me know your thoughts, maybe you have the answers or at least an opinion to help ease my anxiety.

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  1. Brown Sugar you hit the nail on the head. I think that we as women also have the added pressure on us because we know that our biological is ticking and that it is advised we have kids early to avoid health complications. I myself have the same thought I do not have my shit strings together but yet I still worry about having kids to late etc.

    I like your idea of a vision board and your mantra for each new year as well as reviewing my life with everyday that passes by. I will actually take your example and start on a visual board or a board of some kind,so far all that I have done is written them done.

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  2. I’m not sure how to say this without sounding preachy, but for me the answer to your question is to live fully in each moment as it comes. If you’re always thinking about the future, you won’t experience — and enjoy — the present. I know that sounds hard to do, but it’s not as hard as it sounds.

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