Navigating the New Year: Step 1 Use What You Got

Aha Moment!: Make it happen with what you have.

I ended this year content while also feeling anxious to accomplish even more than I did in 2015. Yeah I’m a complicated individual, I can be completely content with my current situation while still being anxious about my future goals (I drive my husband crazy LOL). When I start feeling this way, where I  experience two conflicting emotions I recognize I’m not living in the moment and I need to get centered. The last time I wasn’t living in the moment was the year I got married, right before I learned to meditate. During this time my life was literally a blur to me and I don’t remember majority of it. I promised myself I would never be so worried about the future that I would forget to live in the present moment (good, bad or other) ever again.

One of the reasons I felt anxious was because during the month of December after getting back from visiting family I decided to become more consistent with filming content for my YouTube channel and while editing an amazing video my hard drive died. This threw a monkey wrench into my goals to be more consistent with my blog and YouTube content, I was devastated. I just felt like giving up like why would this happen now! Then I realized that God/the Universe always gives you what you need to accomplish what is in your heart. After I got over being sad that my hard drive died and I didn’t have the time or money to waste to get the data some how extracted and transferred to another hard drive, I took a good hard look at what I had to work with; I still had my lap top with a beginners video editing program and I still had my amazing camera, though it may take a little/a lot longer to edit my video content and I won’t be able to do certain cool editing tricks I decided I can make it happen with what I have. It always seems that when you are on a path to accomplish something out of your normal routine obstacles get in the way almost as a way to see how bad you really want to accomplish your goal; will you let one obstacle stop you or will you find a way to continue on and push through adversity?

I say all this to say for the last month or two of 2015 I got lost in the hustle and bustle of life and got off my spiritual centered path. I started to forget what was important to me and begin to let too much of the outside world into my bubble of  certainty. I also started to realize that I have to balance out what is important to me and how I can also be a better citizen of the world. I realized I need to get back to meditating regularly and only taking in positivity and filter out negativity, I don’t want to be oblivious to what is going on in the world but I have to decipher and filter what I choose to get involved in. Since I am a journalist and a lifestyle and entertainer correspondent I have to be knowledgeable of world events and things but I don’t have to let it consume me or change my positive attitude. My goal is to do what I can with my talents and skills to change the things I don’t like in this world, push through any adversity and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

‘I choose to shine a positive light in a sometimes dark world’



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