Trendsetter Alert!!! #BangBang

Selena Gomez has officially won me over as a fan, mostly for her hot new music and only partially because we have the same hairstyle.

I recently decided that I wanted to change-up my hairstyle just because I felt like it was giving “flat line” and since I haven’t found a good hairstylist in the LA area that matches the stylist back on the East Coast (price wise and style wise) I asked my husband to cut my bangs for me and I could style it myself. I know what you’re thinking “are you crazy!” nope I completely trust my hubby because he is a licensed barber. Also last month when I came to the realization that there weren’t any beauticians in our new city of residence that I trusted to style my hair as I desired I had him trim my hair and it came out great! So of course since he did an amazing job with my trim, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to cut me some bangs.

I love how my hair turned out and I have been receiving compliments left and right on my new “do”! So of course I felt like a true trend setter when a few days after sporting my new hair do one of the hottest pop stars, Selena Gomez releases her new video for her hit song ‘Hands to Myself’ and she has bangs and they look amazing! Can we say trend setter/ forecaster (Heyyyy!). Check out my selfie with my bangs and a pic from the Selena Gomez video with her bangs. Let me know how do you like the hairstyle and if  you have a new hairstyle you’re planning on trying out this year or if you already have a new hairstyle and if you like or not.


I’m looking forward to trying out other new hair styles this year, potentially some coloring within the next month. And when we take our vacations I will probably do some more protective/manageable styles for water/adventurous activities. I will definitely be sure to keep you updated and I’m sure there will be some other hairstyle trends that I may potentially forecast LOL.

*FYI: If you are looking for an amazingly talented barber be sure to check my husband out at The New Millennium 4310 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008 ask for Cezar*


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