Album Review! #Rihanna #Anti

Rihanna’s 8th studio album Anti was well worth the wait.

First let me start by saying touché to JayZ and Rihanna, I held out on subscribing to Tidal because I am a typical millennial, stubborn and unwilling to have to pay for something that isn’t worth my time or money; well the moment it was announced that Rihanna’s album was streaming for free on Tidal and they were offering a free 30day subscription I was like okay, okay I’m taking the bait for my girl Riri. This album is giving me everything and when I say everything I mean all my favorite sounds, genres and feelings, it is definitely worth the $9.99 subscription (side eye) I may keep it after my 30 day free trial.

So let me get right to my review of Anti! This album is like most great people and things, it is not looking for acceptance it proudly stands out inherently as great just because it is! The album only includes one featured artist and that is Drake (the current King of the radio) on the single ‘Work’ this song gives you a taste of her Caribbean roots; The rest of the album gives the feeling of modern day grunge with a mix Janis Joplin meets Amy Winehouse along with hip hop, R&B and a bit of sex of course. My favorite songs are ‘Love On The Brain’, ‘Work’, ‘Kiss It Better‘, ‘Desperado’, ‘Same Ol Mistakes’ along with ‘Sex With Me’ which is featured on the deluxe album along with two other songsI would argue to say that every song on the album is fire! The best way I can describe it is nostalgia meets a breath of fresh and new. This woman is always ahead of the curve and is completely comfortable in exploring the unconventional and this album is a testament to that. Love it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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