Work, work, work, work, work…No Really #ModernMillennial #MultiTalented

When you work a 9 to 5, are pursuing entrepreneurial goals & you have a creative/artistic side too it can get tricky trying to do it all. But rest assure it can be done you just have to recognize you can’t do it all at once and you have to manage your expectations.

I always give myself outlandish goals to achieve and then beat myself up when I fall even slightly short or behind on my goals or plans. This past week I realized I need to give myself a break before I burn out. I’ve got nothing left to prove and everything happens when it is meant to happen, just as it has in the past. I have hopes to one day be able to be my own boss and run multiple businesses. With all these goals and responsibilities it sometimes gets hard to find a way to balance work, entrepreneurship and art. I’m glad to say that I currently have a 9 to 5 working in a field that I am passionate about so that definitely makes life a bit easier at least bearable until I’m able to be working in my passion of content creation and acting full-time. My main goal is to provide information for others so that during their journey to living a “successful” life there is some sort of testimony to the inevitable up and downs that comes with attempting the path less traveled i.e. the more difficult path. One way I’ve managed to keep my sanity is to not overwhelm my self with task that require time, patience and passion. I do this by not rushing to put out just any content, I literally have to be passionate about the topic before I can speak my “truth” on the subject. And then I allow the necessary time to put together work that I can feel proud of.

I have also decided to implement another action in order to maintain some sense of authenticity and creativity; I will start taking at least one weekend a month where I do not task myself to work on anything. I will take this time to be free of a to do list and be as relaxed as possible therefore allowing my creative juices to flow without it feeling forced.

I was told by a professor in college, “to pick one passion and focus on it”, this was months before I graduated and I was extremely nervous of the horrible job market at the time. It was even more devastating to me because I realized that I would only be using a crumb of my talent if I only chose one passion to focus on. The older I have gotten the more I have realized that a previous professor that I had during my first year of college actually had the correct way of thinking about life, he said “the older generation may try to talk you out of doing something unknown because they weren’t able to do it or because they fear the unknown. Ignore that and do what feels right to you. If you’re wrong the worst that can happen is you will learn a valuable lesson. But most of the time you end up doing something amazing!”

I pride myself on being able to be great at anything I do. I have so many passions that I want to share with the world through my blog, YouTube channel and artistic outlet of acting and I want to bring all of my followers/”sugars” along the journey with me. On this journey I hope to meet other like-minded people and hopefully be able to collaborate on projects that will positively affect the world. I feel like the internet has helped us to become a global society where you have the ability to meet people all over the world with similar passions and thoughts, so who are we to hide our talents. I would love to hear from others that are going through similar journeys and want to share their stories, please comment below if you or someone you know is multitalented and is currently pursuing goals in your career or personal life.



Also I finally finished my Vision Board for 2016 during my relaxing weekend (see below; the top board is last years vision board that I made with my company networking group and the bottom is this years), I will have a video up this week highlighting my board from last year and goals I’ve already made progress on for this year. Stay tuned!



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