“I’m Focused Man!” -(Hov) #VisionBoards #ToDoList #MillennialMotivation

If you seek it you will find it, if you build it they will come……

I have always been the type of person to seek out what I wanted and have never been fearful of not knowing the specifics along the way. It’s almost like I am imagining this world of artistic and personal freedom and I am determined to bring it to life. This year is all about pushing myself and giving a 100% to my passions and so far I have been able to divide my time, energy and money just right so that I can pursue my hearts desire. What some people look at as it can’t be done, I look at as if you can imagine it then there are steps to get to it.

Some techniques I use to reach my goals is to first and foremost decipher what the best first step will be because I firmly believe once you take one step towards your dream the Universe is taking two steps towards you and therefore you’re that much closer to your goal. My first step is usually to write out my longterm goals and then break that down to monthly goals, then break that down to weekly to do lists. Check out my YouTube Channel where I discuss my yearly longterm goals via my Vision Board below. Also I finally decided on a mantra for this year *drum roll*….. Live Fearless & Free 2016! 

Are you ready to take over the world sugars?!






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