Pretty in Purple: #CurrentFav #NailColor

Yes! Come Through Spring Pastels


Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite color is purple. I was so obsessed with the color purple that I used to be obsessed with eating and drinking all things purple as a child (popsicles, candy, soda, juice, etc.). Now as a grown woman I love to incorporate all the different variations of purple into my style to express myself. My current purple obsession is the lavender grey Sinful Colors nail polish. I have been wearing this color for almost a month now, I love it so much! Every week I remove the polish and as I look through my polish collection I end up repainting them the same color. I paint my nails weekly or bi-weekly because I paint my natural nails so the polish tends to chip after a week, I will say with this particular polish it has lasted me up to 10 days on my finger nails and a full two weeks on my toes.

Let me know what are some of your favorite nail colors for the spring. Leave a picture, comment or a link to your favorite color polish.

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