Life Update 1 Year In LA: #HomesicknessIsReal #TVactingDebut

So much has happened in a year! #ModernMillennials #MillennialsOnTheMove #DMVtoLA

The middle of March marked our one year anniversary of moving across the country from the DC/MD area to LA and boy has it been an adventure. With amazing highs and occasional lows. I’m happy to say that both me and my husband have been blessed to have successful career growth and I even had the opportunity to be cast as a principal background actor on an episode of a new drama ‘Heartbeat’. Even with all these amazing things going on I felt extremely homesick during the month of March. No matter how much I tried to shake the feeling I continued to feel a bit sad. For a minute I thought I might be depressed because compared to my husband who seemed to not have any feeling of homesickness, I was losing my mind. We are living in one of the country’s most beautiful states working at what most would consider dream jobs and making a pretty good life for ourselves. And me being the analytical problem solver that I am I was determined to “fix myself”, so I began researching homesickness. I found a few articles on the topic along with a few YouTube videos and I even questioned/ interviewed people who I knew that had relocated. And I began to see a common trend, time and personal comforts heal all things.

For example in the movie ‘Hope Floats’ after the main character Birdie moved back to her home town her daughter felt out-of-place and wanted to go home, to be in a familiar environment, with familiar friends, and family. I think that is what I was missing not one thing imparticuliar more so just missing the familiar. One of my favorite saying from that movie is,

“Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”

This saying is so true because if you give life time and don’t give up and push through the hard or scary part there are amazing memories waiting on the other side.

Another movie that I random found on my On Demand was the movie ‘Brooklyn’, I had wanted to see this movie for some time and never found the time to go to the movies to see it. Brooklyn the borrow is like my second home, basically all of my moms family lives there and I visit at least once a year. So I was really eager to see this period piece depicting a young woman’s journey as an immigrant traveling from Ireland to Brooklyn New York to start a new life, all by herself! This movie touched so many emotions and it felt like it was telling the story of so many people throughout history and the world that took the leap for one reason or another to move to a place where they knew nothing and no one and nothing was guaranteed. I truly enjoyed the film and think anyone who is going through a rough time after relocating or starting a new journey of any sort should watch both these movies to help them get through their emotional troubles. Really these movies give you an excuse to cry, laugh and be hopeful about the future without feeling judged.

Thankfully I have my husband and family members that I could talk to that gone through similar homesickness moments in their past. Both my parents and my husband were in the military. So while in boot camp they also had lonely moments even though they were surrounded by people going through the same thing. I feel I have grown so much from moving and forcing myself out of my comfort zone and then forcing myself to push through feeling homesick without taking the easy way out and hopping on a plane to go back to the familiar places and people. I hope this inspires some of my Sugars out there the continue on the path less traveled and to know you are not alone and it gets easier. Love ya ttyl!


Be sure to check out my newest YouTube video below where I give a brief life update and chat about what has been going since I’ve been in LA and what I will be getting into going forward. Comment below and let me know have you gone through homesickness and how did you get through it.


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