Putting Your Best Breast Forward #SummerBody #SummerBreast

‘Let’s talk about “breast” baby……’


With summer right around the corner (June 20th) I am in full preparing for summer mood, I’m going in on preparing my body, skin and outfits ready for summer adventures. The year has already brought me through so many ups and downs emotionally and physically; and I am determined to have the best body and overall life experience this summer and the rest of the year. I also realized that I haven’t been loving myself enough, meaning I haven’t been taking the time to take care of myself emotionally (meditating, praying and etc.), physically (eating right, and excercising) and appearance wise (wearing comfortable/ correctly sized undergarments, and clothes). I mean don’t get me wrong I still look good but I’m not giving myself 100 percent. Sometimes we can get so lost in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take time for ourselves. It is important to care for yourself the same way you would care for those that you love. So the first step I took towards loving myself more was to do some retail therapy (so sue me I’m a woman LOL). But I feel this is a necessary and important step in getting back on track to looking and feeling my best. First things first, time to get new undergarments meaning getting new bras not just getting new bras but getting measured to see what bra size I needed to get so that I could look my best in my clothes this coming summer season. Take a moment and think about the last time you were measured for a bra?….. for me the last time I got measured for a bra was 4 years ago when I worked in retail and I have been going off that size every since. The size I was measured for then was a 34C, when I was recently measured I was informed that I am a 32DDD! HUGE difference! I was shocked I thought how could I have changed so much?! But then I sat and really thought about it……. everything else in my life has changed so much why wouldn’t my bra size have changed? My weight flucuiated every so slightly, 5- 10pounds depending on life factors (I’ve always been petite and have pretty much looked the same since 9th grade) but I could physically still fit in my bras and they didn’t hurt me but I could tell I was spilling over the cup.

Ladies if your weight has changed, or you’ve started any type of birth control or prenatal care, or you have gone through a pregnancy your body has changed dramatically and it is time to keep up with the changes so you can feel and look your best. We have to be more aware of taking care of ourselves so that we can look and feel our best not only in the summer time but all year around.

My next step is to have a regular weekly exercise routine along with daily vitamins, these are some things that I’m doing to show myself some self love. Leave a comment and let me know what things you do or would like to do to show yourself some love. Thanks for stopping by Sugars!


Also check out my Spring/Summer video where I show some other items I purchased for the season.


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