Learning It’s Ok To Get “Close” #MondayMusicFav

Let’s get closer, I’ve always been afraid to get close to people and my current fav song pick this week has been speaking to me in every way. Welcome to a special edition of Monday Music Fav!


Monday music fav is back and for good reason, Nick Jonas! His song ‘Close’ is amazingly addictive! The Pop/Contemporary R&B singer has me under a spell with the mesmerizing song. Check out the video below, be forewarned the song is addictive I’ve had it on repeat all day.


This song has touched more than a musical cord for me, it also reminds me that I promised myself that this year would be the year that I stop being afraid of letting the world in and letting people get close; close to knowing more about my personal life, artistic expression and career goals. I no longer want to let the fear of criticism stop me from letting broader audiences view my work. I always tell people around me how great they are and that they shouldn’t be afraid of doing what they love and putting it out in the universe to be seen. So I’m deciding to take my own advice. (Deep gulp, long breath) Below are two of my YouTube videos, I would love for you to check it out. I’m putting myself and my work out there so that I can let an unknown audience “close” to get to know me and brownsugarsworld a little bit more. I am also making myslef more vulnerable by asking for you to please like, comment and subscribe so you won’t miss my journey of opening up to the world and allowing myself to get authentically closer to more people in this wonderful. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for your critiques, criticism, opinion, and hopefully positive energy and love. Thank you in advance, love you sugars! XOXO



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