Thrift Store Style! #Thrifting #Style

imageNew YouTube Collab Video!!!

When I was in highschool and during my first year I college I was obsessed with thrifting, before it was on trend. I would go to the thrift store with my mom or by myself or very rarely with a few friends and literally find some true gems. But once it became trendy to go thrift store shopping I was over it for multiple reasons; for one consignment and thrift stores started to raise prices which is outrageous also the stores became crowded, it was basically like going to the mall. Long story short since relocating to LA I have been having the urge to explore the second-hand stores to see what gently worn pieces were disregarded by the uber wealthy of Beverly Hills, and etc. After attending an event and meeting a LA native who also has a YouTube channel we decided to collaborate on a video and what better topic then thrifting! During our thrift store hopping we visited a few local well know thrift spots on La Brea, Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill. I found 3 items but I was only able to style one because the other two items needed major alterations. Once I finish the necessary alterations I will be sure to update you guys on the finish product. The one item that I was able to style for my video, a yellow/pea green jumpsuit only needed to be washed and a little sewing done to the right shoulder strap. I added a few other items that I had in my closet to complete the outfit and wore it to work the next day. I received so many compliments, it reminded me why I liked thrifting in the first place. The ability to take what someone thought was no longer good and make it into a new beautiful work of art to be worn and showed off to the world.

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