Does being busy = being productive? #Busy #Productive #Life

All summer I have been so busy and now that it seems like my life is calming down a bit, I’m looking over my summer and asking myself did I accomplish any of the goals I set for my self or was I just busy with mundane tasks, i.e. basic adult things?

People like to make it seem like oh my life is so busy therefore that means that they must be important or doing important things with their time, like “look how great of a person I am” I am literally working myself to death. Then you look over the season or the year and you haven’t done anything that your future self would look at and say “oh yeah that really helped me get to my goal” instead you look back and see you were just busy with mundane everyday task, like working at a dead end job (or a job that you’re not passionate about) or constantly cleaning and taking care of others or even just partying your time away (being drunk and obnoxious with some friends that only want to party and bullshit). Everyone’s goals in life are different but as an adult there are three basic needs that you need to provide for yourself before you can focus on conquering the world or becoming a mogul (these are just a few goals that run through my head throughout the day); those three basic needs are food, shelter, and clothes.  These are things that even our ancient ancestors had to worry about on a much more dramatic level of course (i.e. killing a buffalo or bear to provide food and clothes). But with that being said now that humans have so much more time to focus on things other than trying to stay alive, are we really utilizing our time to the fullest potential? Are we realizing our wildest dreams? Or are we so stuck in a rat race routine that we don’t even realize that we are wasting valuable time?

My summer started with me having a major health crisis during the middle of May (a health crisis that I will one day talk about publicly) but needless to it put me out of commission for a little over 2 weeks, then right when I started to feel like myself again I was in a car accident the first week of June.  So from June until August I was in physical therapy for my back and neck pain. Not to mention my car had to be repaired, I missed time from work and then my job relocated to a new location further away from where I lived.  All these occurrences basically had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so I was busy but I wasn’t really accomplishing anything that I had originally planned for my summer; such as traveling up and down the west coast seeing the sites, going to more networking events, and going to open calls/auditions during my free time.  My company even had summer hours where once a week you could work half a day but still get paid the full day. I couldn’t even take advantage of the summer hours because during my half days I had to use that “extra free time” to attend physical therapy instead of going to an audition or open call. Now that my time is becoming my own again, I feel like I want to get back on track starting with the relaunch of my blog! New name(, new layout (coming soon) and more consistency! I will be setting a date for an official relaunch of my blog on my next post so until then feel free to check out my videos recapping my July and my new workout routine now that my neck and back are normal again.

I feel like a new woman and hope that everyone is ready for the upcoming adventures!




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