What I Ate Wednesday….. #Foodie

I like to eat good food! Which means I have to cook majority of my meals because I am a very picky eater and if I’m spending my money I want something healthy, fresh and tasty.

Cooking for me has always been very relaxing and almost therapeutic, so when every I get a craving for a specific dish I always seek out a reliable recipe from either my mom or pinterest. My went to a culinary highschool growing up so that is probably why I am so picky when it comes to my food because I know what good food should taste like thanks to my mom. Since moving to LA me my husband often crave dishes that were more easily accessible in the DC/Maryland area, so what we have a hard time finding I usually just make from scratch at home. Almost everyday my husband goes to work (the barber shop) and talks to his clients about everyday things such as sports, life, and what delicious meal I’ve cooked. He talks about my food so much that some of his clients have requested for him to bring a plate of my next dish. So I have decided that I might as well document my cooking adventures, almost like the movie Julie & Julia. I previously documented some of my other favorite dishes but now I will make it a more consistent weekly practice, for anyone who may need some inspiration for something new to cook. Below is my most recent video where I made a Curry Chicken dish from a recipe that I found on pinterest because I was craving Caribbean food. Me and my husband loved it and he is looking forward to me trying out my skills with jerk seasonings! Please check out the video below and leave comments for any other dishes you would want to see me try.


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