#FBF Natural Hairstyles I Wore Over the Summer

Me, I’ve been natural for over ten years 💁🏾. 

There are so many reasons behind the multi-million dollar trend of African-American and multiracial women with textured hair choosing to wear their hair natural/curly along with using more organic and healthy hair products; one reason being African-American women are embracing their natural beauty more and not looking to the European standard of beauty as much, thanks to more positive images of black women with their natural hair being shown on television and of course on YouTube. With the emergence of these  Natural hair gurus on Youtube and their massive following they have helped to usher in the natural hair trend forcing the hair and beauty industry to take note forcing a change to the products advertised on television and products sold in beauty isles in Targets and Walmarts across America.

The second reason is health, a lot of women watched their female family members (mom, Aunt, Grandma, etc.) have health issues resulting from years of using chemicals in their hair. Health issues such as loss of hair, developmental issues amongst girls who used chemical products at a young age, fibroids, cancer and other serious issues.

Third is that women now have the ability to research and find more organic, natural and healthy hair products and techniques to take care of their natural hair.

As I stated at the beginning of this post I have not used chemicals such as a perm or relaxer in over 10 years, to expand more on my hair story I had my hair relaxed for my entire four years of high school (9th grade 12th grade) and then decided not to continue relaxing my hair after I dyed my entire head of hair light brown/blonde. Since graduating high school I have only used the technique of blow drying and flat ironing my hair in order to straighten or curl my hair. Usually during the summer months I wear my hair in a completely natural state i.e. no flat-iron. I usually just wear my hair in braids, twist outs,  a bun and/or maybe a blow out. I haven’t decided if I will continue to do mostly natural hair styles since I live in a state that doesn’t have much of a moist season so I could wear my hair natural year round if I really choose to but I am an actress so I need to have a versatile. I will probably do a little of both, either way before I flat my hair this weekend I wanted to take a second and reminisce on my natural hair styles I wore over the summer months. I would love to hear about your hair journey if you’re natural, if you’re not natural; is there any particular reason behind your hair choice, etc. Please comment below any hair style tips and/or techniques.

Thanks for stopping by XOXO.


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