After Reaching A Goal….What’s The Next Move? #LifeIsChess

Life is Chess not Checkers, always make your next move your best move.  So what is the next move?



Sometimes when you set huge goals for yourself and then you finally reach the goal you’re left with the daunting question what’s next?….. That recently happened to me, after moving across the country to Los Angeles literally 3,000 miles away from everything I knew, both me and my husband becoming successfully employed in the fields of our choice and stabilizing/creating our lifestyle; basically establishing a better lifestyle then our previous living arrangements. I began to feel stagnant, though I am working at a very well-known media company I am not working in the capacity that I would fill most fulfilled. And to be totally honest with myself the main reason I moved to LA was to fully pursue acting and being a content creator as my fulltime career. Currently I work a 9-5 desk job, yes it is with my dream company and in my dream department but no where close to the creative side of things. With that being said, this October I will be full y pursuing my acting and content creating fulltime! Thankfully I have a supportive husband who sees my/our vision and is very encouraging of my passionate pursuit.

Most times when you finish accomplishing one goal you’re so exhausted and excited about actually accomplishing something that you thought was impossible and after the victory celebration and dance you realize you lost sight of the overall long-term goal/ life vision. If you haven’t reached your ultimate vision you’ll always feel some sense of what next or a feeling of incompleteness. That doesn’t mean to quit your job or anything, it is basically your subconscious reminding you don’t get too comfortable instead take the feeling of accomplishment to continue to build plans for your next step. In order to gain sight of the overall long-term vision again take a moment to breathe, regroup, plan and then execute. Life is a game of chess not checkers, so don’t look at every reached goal as the end of the game look at it as a strategic move to get to your ultimate life goal. Even if your ultimate goal is to have a house with a white picket fence, a family and a 9-5 job that you can retire from; there are strategic moves that will still need to be made after you have secured the job the husband/wife and the house. Then will come the next step of securing ultimate stability for a comfortable safe and happy lifestyle for you and your family and figuring out where you want to end/retire in your career within the company that you work at.

Leave a comment or question below about your ultimate life goal or a current goal you are working on, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as moving across the country; for example if you’re starting to pursue going back to school, starting a small business, starting a family or buying a house. I would love to hear from you about your goals and dreams because hearing about other people’s goals always inspires me to keep pushing towards mine 🙂






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