Top Five Favorite Fall Shows #FridayFavs #Top5

I am a huge fan of all types of art and entertainment and love to share what inspires me with my top5 favorite things every Friday. This Friday’s favorites is going to be all about my current favorite Television shows.


  1. Atlanta

This show is literally a breath of fresh common sense air, it speaks about the everyday life of a young black creative person. It shows how what seems like a far-fetched dream/goal can actually be pursued and achieved if given the time, effort and opportunity in today’s technological world; while still showing the trials and tribulations that occur in a young black persons life in today’s America. A definite must watch.

Americans S4 Transit Shelter.indd

2. QueenSugar

For me this show started out very slow, though I liked the first two episodes I will admit it started out very slow with a cinematic feel; Meaning it moved at a slower pace to develop the back story of the characters. This show is speaking volumes about the current issues in American society, specifically how African-Americans no matter the economical levels have to deal with racism. I’M HOOKED!



3. Lethal Weapon

I’ve only seen the pilot episode of this show but I’m already a fan. Damon Wayans still has his amazing comedic timing and great on-screen chemistry with all his costars. This show offers a nostalgic breath of late 80’s and early 90’s comedy and action. It’s a feel good, buddy comedy and just an all around good show.



4. Empire

You would think that after three seasons that this show would be falling off and unable to keep you entertained and glued to the television. But actually this season has all the shock and edge of your seat thrills as the  very first season. Every time you think you have had enough, there’s a new twist that you feel compelled to stay tuned for. LOVE THIS SHOW!


5. Project Runway

This show is so inspiring! They have a cast that really shows every spectrum of creative talent, beginners to pros, young and old, city and country, and almost every ethnicity. This show will never get old even after 15 seasons it still has the ability to captivate and inspire you to stay creative and proudly show your differences.


All of these shows give a real glimpse into today’s America, instead of the constant reality show garbage (I will admit that I still enjoy a few) that has taken over our television for far too long. We finally have amazing stories/scripts, cast/talent, and overall great television. What are some of your favorite television shows this Fall, comment below so I can check the shows out and let me know if you’ve watched any of the above shows I mentioned and let me know your opinion.

Until next time stay Phenomenal XOXO


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