California Has My Heart #CaliforniaLove

This election has once again shown me that California is home for so many amazing reasons.

When we first decided to move to California it was as if we were being drawn here by some unknown force. Originally when asked why we chose to move to California by friends and family on the East Coast we would give the most superficial answer like, “to get away from the cold weather and to fully pursue our entertainment careers”. But we (me and my husband) knew the real reason and we didn’t have the energy to try to explain it to people who were used to and comfortable with the suburban government/city secure job life. Dreamers sometimes have to keep their true dreams hidden from those who are scared of the unknown. The most honest reason for our move to California/LA is because we wanted to live a more artistic and free lifestyle without judgment or questioning. And we have been doing just that living life by our own terms and successfully doing it to. Meeting and connecting with like-minded people and making California/LA home in every way possible.

From the outside looking in on America’s election you would think that this country has a majority population that are bigots, racist, homophobic and Islamophobic citizens. But when you really look at the results almost half of America didn’t vote, most common reason being that those that didn’t vote didn’t trust or like either candidate. So realistically majority of the country is full of people who are fed up with lying, cheating politicians. Thankfully California showed their amazing true colors; by electing the first African-American/ Indian American woman Senator (Howard University Alum!), many are even saying she could be the first woman president. And legalizing marijuana for recreational use, which will affect criminal records and reduce prison sentences for people who have been charged with crimes dealing with marijuana.  With that being said I truly feel like I live in a state that has realized the world is diverse and therefore we too must be willing to see people for who they are and not what society choses to define people as, everyone deserves a chance to be great despite anyone else’s opinions or judgements about how they chose to live their life or what their ethnic or religious background is.


I want to raise my future children in a place that is diverse and inclusive. I want my kids to feel free to do whatever they want and to know it’s okay to be different and so far California has proven to be that place. Yeah it’s expensive, it’s crowded and traffic is horrible but man when you see all that you get from this state it is totally worth. You get a community that comes together to solve issues and doesn’t just throw blame at outsiders or the unknown; You get elected officials that actually care about each communities needs. Citizens feel included in the communities, whether it be through the beautiful murals they see in their neighborhoods or the community events that showcase the talents of the people.

I love California and I am so very proud to call LA home, a city full of diversity and always willing to grow to include everyone. I truly feel like we have only scratched the surface of living out our dreams and look forward to our future in California because it looks bright!







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