What To Eat While The Food Cooks #WhatIAte #ThanksgivingEve

Everyone knows the feeling of smelling Thanksgiving dinner cooking while your stomach grumbles with hunger. You don’t want to ruin your appetite by eating junk food, so what should you eat? These are some of my favorite healthy snacks to munch on while waiting for the food to get done.

If you happen to be the one cooking, which is my situation; I usually try to have a healthy light breakfast because I have to taste the food as I cook so I can’t mess up my taste bud/palette. Also I don’t want to mess up any extra pots and pans because I need to keep the kitchen as clean as possible in order to have an organized environment to make the Thanksgiving feast. Below is my usual holiday breakfast, fruit and yogurt smoothie with a granola bar…

img_4422 img_4418










As the day progresses and my husband begins to smell the food throughout the house and he starts to nag me “when is the food going to be done,” I have some snacks prepared and ready to hold him and myself over so that we aren’t tempted to eat some of the sides that may be done before everything else is ready. Some healthy snacks that we have throughout the day and for lunch are; sunflower seeds or nuts, rice cakes, a kale salad with tomato and red onion, and deviled eggs (see below).

img_4398 img_5676 img_6906 img_8452


















These healthy snacks usually hold us over without messing up our thanksgiving dinner appetite. I hope you got some inspiration on healthy snacks/meals to eat while waiting for thanksgiving dinner to cook. What are some of the snacks or meals that you and your family eat before Thanksgiving dinner?



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