Living A Life I Love! #ThisIs30

I’m so thankful to be living a life I don’t have to vacation from, a life that I dreamed of as a child.



I had a great birthday doing what I wanted shopping, relaxing and creating. The fact that I get to live a life I love everyday not just on my birthday is one of my many blessings ❤️🙌🏾 when I decided 2 yrs ago to stop living life on the safe side and decided to leap for my dream life, not the dream life that you are told you should want when you become an adult; no the life you dreamed of as a child. You know the life you would live out when you would play make-believe and you thought all things were possible. Yeah that life. I’m actually living it!

Your fantasies as a child don’t consist of money or some over priced car that isn’t even worth the hours of mind numbing work you do at your job you hate. Or at least mine didn’t, my childhood dreams consisted of me living a free, creative, exciting life filled with love and joy in everything; Also a beach within a short drive and auditioning for acting roles as much as possible. For some reason I always wanted to live at the beach or near a beach, I find it so calming. Because I knew I wanted to live such a different and creative lifestyle then those that were around me I just assumed that I wouldn’t get married because what man would want a woman who wants to be an actress and an artist. Thankfully God knew what I needed and blessed me with the most amazing, caring, giving, understanding husband ever and he’s an artist too!

The fact that I got to live my childhood dream of driving across the country like some late 60’s hippies and I got to do it with my hubby, AMAZING!!! The fact that we both get to pursue our acting and creative careers while still living a comfortable lifestyle, AMAZING!!! I wish we could have our families closer but I guess that is the price of getting older and living a creative life you love. You can’t have it all, you have to sacrifice something. But I am so thankful that we can afford to visit family and friends at least once or twice a year.

I usually try to take a trip to somewhere I’ve never been on my birthday but now that I’m 30 I guess I now understand the saying, “you can have it all you just can’t have it all at once.” So now I’m becoming more strategic with what I want and when. I understand how blessed I am to be able to get up every morning and get to do whatever I want and that my husband has such a successful business that we can’t travel on my exact date of birth but I also look forward to the time that we do get to travel because we don’t have to worry about anything but making memories.

My 20’s brought so many life lessons and amazing memories and I know my 30’s is the time that I can implement the lessons learned and build on the foundation that we set for ourselves in our years of learning. This is one example of a modern millennial living a creative, and free lifestyle; and this is 30!


Also I want to send a special shoutout to my amazing hubby for all the gifts he got me for my birthday and the amazing butter cream icing cake; because anyone that knows me knows the only thing that I MUST have for my birthday is a butter cream icing cake. I felt truly spoiled and blessed from all my family and friends who contacted me and showed me love for my special day, muah XOXO. I cried true tears of joy.

My cup runneth over



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