Maneuvering From Corporate to Creative #LoveWhatYouDo #WorkLifeBalance

Maneuvering from a corporate to a creative work life; Lifestyle, wardrobe, makeup, and personality. All these things change when transitioning from one title to another.

We all go from one stage in life to another, from one title to another; daughter, cheerleader, popular girl, athlete, college student, girlfriend, wife, intern, working professional, and now for me I am transitioning to the title of independent creative artist. I can honestly say I feel a little unsure of what title I hold at this point in my life. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why I was feeling a little unsure after transitioning from my 9 to 5 career to an aspiring artist(actor and multimedia content creator). But I think overall it is just anxiety of being in between titles, maneuvering the unknown and adjusting to a new daily way of life.

The last few months I focused on tweaking my wardrobe, and makeup to match my already different lifestyle. Trying to make the outside match what I am striving for my new career to be. I feel like I already have a somewhat versatile business casual style: classy, chic, with a bit of personality. But when you’re an artist there isn’t a set style or work wardrobe so you have more freedom to show your personality, for me I like my previous wardrobe style because it is versatile but I have tried to insert more casual, and artistic wardrobe and makeup aesthetics. Even though I previously worked in a creative 9 to 5 work environment I still had an overall specific dress attire that I had to adhere to when shopping for clothes, makeup, and planning my lifestyle; now I have more freedom which is great but it can also be overwhelming.

Somewhere between college, working in my first corporate office environment, moving across the country and turning 30, I lost my style personality and outgrew majority of my classic clothes. I’ve always had a pretty good sense of style and looked nice but not too flashy unless it was an office party, I wore well-tailored clothes (including dull but still chic suits) though not too form-fitting because not to toot my own horn I have a pretty nice figure that can sometimes come off as trashy not classy in certain outfits. I wore my hair very standard, almost never wearing natural hairstyles in fear of looking to “militant black woman”. Makeup was a non factor for majority of my years working in an office environment, mainly because I hardly had time in the mornings to put on makeup to head out into the daily rat race of life. My transition from 9 to 5 to entrepreneurial artist was slightly planned and therefore a few months before ending my corporate position I began becoming more of what I was aspiring to be while still working at my corporate position; i.e. trying different hairstyles both natural and mainstream, wearing outfits that showed my personality more, and wearing makeup daily.

One of my many previous former corporate jobs, at the holiday office party. Loved NBCUniversal 🙂
On set of my first ever paid television acting gig 🙂












Working a 9 to 5 in a fairly large, established company, you learn to mold your personality with do’s and don’ts of work and personal expression. My ultimate goal in life is to have my career fit my lifestyle and not my lifestyle have to fit my career; and ultimately love what I do while also being able to make a living off of it. My husband was actually able to transition from his ‘9 to 5’ to his passion of full-time barber and part-time artist(painter and aspiring actor), seeing his success gives me hope and faith that doing what you love and being able to live and thrive off your passion is possible.



What is your title and how does it define you? Another issue I found myself dealing with was how do I identify myself now, what is my title in this world?! Society looks at you weird when you don’t have a “known” title (banker, government worker, associate, nurse, etc.) to identify as when you’re an adult. So I had to become comfortable being in between titles while also becoming comfortable in my aspiring title, Actor and Content Creator. I am aspiring to have my artistic work replace my previous fulltime corporate income and I’m thankful that my husband is currently able to carry the load of our living expenses so I have the ability to pursue my entrepreneurial career.


Things I am still working on: Working on my own schedule, disciplining myself to work without someone giving me orders, staying passionate about my craft, and realizing that I won’t reap immediate results but I still have to stay consistent in order to see results in the long-term. All these things are HARD! But I say all this to say it isn’t easy but I’m doing it and hope you all will continue the journey with me.



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