5 Facts for Aspiring Naturalistas’ #NaturalHair

5 Key Things I learned While Rocking My Natural Hair

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall in SoCal and I have begun to start using direct heat on my hair again, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share what I learned over my 7months of no direct heat. I originally aimed for 6months of no direct heat but I ended up going a month longer due to the heat wave and southern california tempartures permitting sometimes damp protective styles. Below are 5 key things I learned while retraining my hair to rock natural curly girl/naturalista styles……


1.) You need patience

When you are transitioning from constantly flat ironing or even worst using the “creamy crack” relaxers, it takes a lot of patience. Because now you have to learn new skills and techniques to use when styling your natural hair. Sometimes you will try a style that may take hours and even after hours of trying to “perfect” the style you end up having to start all over and do something else because it doesn’t work out. Getting frustrated will only make things worse. So just breath and going into every styling with positive vibes.


2.) You need time

I have been M.I.A on posting blogs, and YouTube videos because I was so consumed with figuring out my hair. Well not just because of that but everyday life combined with trying to maintain my natural hair was/is time consuming. As mentioned in with having patience comes hand and hand with making sure you have ample time to put into researching and incorporating the best products and styles for your natural hair journey/process. If you don’t have time you won’t be able to be natural on a long term basis.


3.) You need a flexible budget

Learning what works for your natural hair takes a lot of trial and error. Meaning you will be buying A LOT of products, tools and hair accessories. That doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive products; high price doesn’t always means best working. Don’t be afraid to ask the cashier the daunting question “what is the refund policy for this item or items like it?” in other words can I get my money back if this doesn’t work out.


4.) Everyone’s Hair Type Is Different

Hair products, styles and techniques that worked great for your favorite youtube natural hair guru may not work for you; even if visually you think you have similar hair textures. If you try out something that worked for someone else and it doesn’t work for you don’t get discouraged, just research and try something different.


5.) Be Confident

Whatever hairstyle you decide to rock do it confidently. Confidence always elevates an outfit or hairstyle. It’s hard to be comfortable and confident when trying something new but it’s only new until you get used to it.



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