My New Normal: Being Yourself Again After Having A Baby

Getting Back to A New Normal After Having A Baby:

The moment I started being myself again after having a child.

As I sit in bed reading the latest issue of Essence magazine while simultaneously breastfeeding my half sleep baby, I realize I’m starting to become myself again. Every new mom has that moment when you start feeling like “who am I?”, especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding and you’re a stay at home mom and in my case hubby/daddy works 5-6 days a week. Most of my days begin with me jolting up from hearing a sharp shriek of a cry from my newborn alerting me that he is ready to eat between 5am-7am. From sun up to sun down me and my boobs are on call for babies needs, my only breaks are a few hours a day when hubby is home from work.

Before baby I would make time to have a hearty, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner; I would make time to read the latest magazines, and/or a self-help book; I would go get my nails done weekly or bi-weekly; I would exercise outdoors at least 3-5 days a week; I would attend an event at least once a week; I would do a deep clean of our place and my car once a week and most importantly I would make time to do a YouTube video and blog post once a week. All these things made me “me”, with a new-born that doesn’t know or care about your schedule it is very hard to go about life as usual no matter how hard you try.

Finding the balance between being a mom a wife and being yourself can be a struggle but it is possible. The main point to remember is that it takes time to adjust in every new role. You have to be realistic with your expectations and goals based on your lifestyle; for me I am a fulltime mom and all of our family and close friends live on the other side of the country, this means our only relief or break is depending on one another. Where as other people may have relatives or close friends that live near by and are able to baby sit, if you’re able to take advantage of this assistance it could mean getting back to your new normal a little quicker.

This is my first blog post since getting on some sort of schedule with my now 3 month old son, thanks to his now some what scheduled naps and feedings I am able to have some sort of breathing/break time. Some things I look forward to getting back to doing are attending events, blogging, doing freelance creative jobs, shopping, making YouTube videos and living in a clean and organized environment.


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