4 Spring Health Hacks To Get A Scorching Summer Body

Summer is literally right around the corner but there is still a little time to spring into action to get a rocking body for the summer. Here are some of my fav tried and true quick health hacks to get your body summer ready:


  1. Excercise at least 30 minutes a day– whether that be a walk around your neighborhood, waking up 30mins early to do some stretching, crunches and squats; or cutting your lunch time short to go for a thirty walk while throwing in a few lunges. Taking this time to do a quick exercise will help you to feel energized and refreshed. Soon you may even find that you some how have a little extra energy to allocate more time like 45min- an hour for working out. Either way with just 30mins a day, 5-7 days a week you will definitely see and feel the effects of your efforts to working towards a great(healthy) summer body.
  2. Eat healthier– Instead of having that soda and chips for your late afternoon snack, try eating fruit and nuts. In the morning try having a granola bar to replace your donut or bagel. Also some great healthy breakfasts’ that I have recently been loving is an item off of the Jamba Juice menu, the Mango Medley Bowl mmmmm it is so good and super filling and healthy. For dinner replace big meals and fatty meats with small meals and fish; instead of starchy sides (i.e. white rice, mashed potatoes, etc.) try vegetables at least 3-4 days out of the week. This way you’re not depriving yourself and your body won’t crave the items your cutting which can sometimes cause bingeing or relapsing back into horrible eating habits.
  3. Drink more water!– Replace sodas and juice with water for at least 5 days out of the week and if you’re really trying to see a major difference try drinking only water for two weeks straight and if you like what you see and feel continue to just drink water and have certain days or events where you allow yourself to indulge.
  4. Wear shape wear occasionally– wearing shape wear helps you mold your body to some extent, it assists with distributing fat to the areas you want it to be. Now this is not a miracle worker so there is only so much shape wear can do but it does assist with subtly molding your body especially if you’re working out too. Shape wear cannot give you a body your genetics do not match i.e. a big butt, slim waist and big boobs, you have to be realistic.


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