6 Tips to Avoid the Autumn/Winter Blues

I know I’m not the only who gets emotionally paralyzed when it starts to get cold out and day light seems to be around less and less. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that there is actually a name for the feeling, “Winter Blues”. Being the controlling ‘type A’ personality that I am, I had to figure out my go to methods to help fight off the dreary emotions that this years early winter weather has caused; these are my 6 tips to fight off the Autumn/Winter Blues:


Getting active in any way gives your mind a boost of endorphins; so that means even if you do a daily five minute stretch with a walk around the block you’ll have a leg up on staying happier and healthier.

2. Get out during the day

During the winter months it can get too cold for comfort and drearily cloudy but in spite of the harsh weather make it a priority to go outside during daylight hours. Even if you can’t see the sun behind the clouds your body and minds time clock will stay on some sort of schedule and have a positive effect on your mind.

3. Eat healthy and hearty

What you put in your body plays a major role in how your body works; i.e. Skin issues, depression, energy or lack thereof can all be effected by what you eat. So if you eat good (fruits, veggies, regularly scheduled, well portioned) meals you’re more likely to feel good/great.

4. Be social

Even if you’re anti social or an introvert, every human needs some sort of regular interaction with other humans; it keeps the brain stimulated. Call some friends chat on the phone or meet up to hang out. Or simply going to the grocery store or local park or mall can be a great place to interact with people.

5. Keep a clean environment

When your environment is clean, you can think clearer and you have a better outlook on life because you are happier in your environment.

6. Do an activity to stimulate your brain

Reading, painting, learning something new and/or listening to music. These are just a few things that you can do to stimulate your brain by doing something interesting. Staying curious in a world full of new and exciting things will give you something to look forward to everyday, instead of being bored with the same everyday mundane tasks. I’ve recently been enjoying audio books via Amazon Audible and I love it! I’m currently listening to <a href=”http://Wayne Dyer Audiobook Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Living the Wisdom of the Tao“>Dr. Wayne Dyer: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life click the link to try out the audio book and comment below if you’ve read or listened to it before.

By implementing two or more; hopefully all of these tips will have you breezing through with a positive upbeat attitude and before you know it the warm, sunny spring weather will be back.

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