Last Minute Spring Cleaning and Storage Must Haves

So we’re a little over half way through spring and I’m still deep cleaning 🥴 while cleaning I realized wow I have so many great cleaning and organizing items; and they’re all from Amazon Prime. That made me realize I may have a slight obsession with Amazon Prime….. well I would like to share that obsession with you just in case your in need of these items to help with your spring cleaning and storage needs. These are just a few of my favorite homeware/ decor purchases. Majority of these items were purchased when I was going through my nesting phase during my pregnancy (technically the best and worst time to go shopping).

Clutch Amazon Prime purchases for all your last minute cleaning and storage needs-

Steal rack:

Living in a city can become crowded especially when you add a child, I realized we were going to need more storage space for diapers, bottles, etc.


Rug shampooer:

I am just now getting around to using this within the last month and I love it! It doesn’t leave the rug soaking wet, and you can actually see the cleaning. Ugh it’s so satisfying Lol.


Extension Cord:

The power outlets in our house in our home are in the most random places, so these were necessary and I love them! Makes life so much easier.


Hanging shelves:

Decorating and small space while not taking up too much space is hard but these hanging shelves truly helped bring storage and ambience.



The glow in the dark blue light is amazing at night when he wakes up in the middle of the night; which happens at least once before 5am. I would probably recommend getting one that can use vapor rub with.


Side lamps/lights:

These came in clutch during the late nights of feeding my newborn and sometimes just staring at him in amazement and exhaustion. But the main thing of love is that they take up such little space and when you live in a city that’s a big deal.


TV Stand with wheels:

Every time someone comes by wether it be friends and family or maintenance or the cable guy, people always compliment this TV stand and ask where did we get it. This stand stores not only our large tv but also game systems and cable boxes perfectly along with remotes and maybe one or two other little nicknacks depending on how many shelves you choose to attach to your stand.


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